My heart is broken...,
and the world is on fire,
and the world is on fire.

I am willing
I'll never give up
Tears they cry
I share it with blood

I want a good life,
so do you,
peaceful and peaceful.
God bless you and f*** THEM.


Glitch said...

First of all, I pretty much love the music on your page.

Second of all, beautiful words. :)


julien hakym said...

Tq very very much Glitch!

Jason laucht said...

Omg!! Wah. Ganaz and fierce!!

Swedish Fashionista said...

I really like this post,it seem to be very you even though I don't know you! Good work and overall great style!

Keep in touch // Swedish Fashionista

julien hakym said...

Tq Jason! Ganaz kerr?? hehehe

julien hakym said...

Tq Jasmine... :-)

Moonlight Mistress said...

Hey, thanks for following me. Following you right back.


fai said...

hey kamu

julien hakym said...

Moonlight Mistress, pleasure! :-)

julien hakym said...

hey hey hey Mr Fai!

Nabila Nadzeri said...

gosh, u're amazingly amazing

julien hakym said...

n amazing tq 4 u Nabila!

fai said...

yah sayahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...adaapahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hihihihihihihihiii

julien hakym said...

Fai...kamu yang memanggil sayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ada paihhhhhh??????????