A Fairy Tale.

He loves fashion.
He loves music.
He adores anything..
He lives on his own music + eccentric
world and stuff.
Everything was perfect but suddenly......

What's up with the box?
He stole it from
the witch live at the back of his house.

After a period of time...,
something happens to him.
He grow up like a cocoon.
He acting like a weird.
The curse of the box?

Many days to come.
Yoga came first in his mind.
Maybe his mind and his
soul trap in the box.
So he need to be cool sometimes.
Poor him..

At least he smile!
He know how hard it was,
to be a different kind of thing.

At last he became a fairy.
Struggling in life

The journey of hope starts right now!
The box had made turn him into
something else.
A fairytale.


apezs shah said...

woooo ni lagi gempaq..
kalah saya. suka laa, mcm nak join je haha,...:p

julien hakym said...

haha Apesz ni klaka la!
kalu nk join boleh je.. :-)

Muhammad said...

indah self-ex·pres·sion kamu..julien.


julien hakym said...

Yeke Muhammad? tQ SO MUCH! MUAH! :-)

aiman rashidd said...

hello :) hihi yup so sweet my dear :)

huhuhu dont play with the but you think out of it(the box) hihi !!

nice bro !keep it up :D

after this , i will attend my final exam :D , so maybe can blog likes always , btw if i have time i come :D

see you later :) conratz for the great job :p

Rano said...

Very good fairytale! Have a nice day.

Arian Tejano said...

have you seen the video Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush? If you haven't, watch it. You can get crazy concept from that song.

Your photos are stunning. as always.

Dewi, Nurul and Afiqah said...

You're a dark being, engulfed by the white spirit..

Jason Laucht said...

waahhh!!!! sumpahan box! class!!! great job, great story, great images! i adore ya darling

Glovey said...

those pictures really do show something meaningful!

elexerdelex said...

wow nice!

Sticky Glitter said...

Great! Great! Great! Great!

Love your photos! You are really talented!!!

Jean-Pierre MATTEI ( qui adorerait que tu lui laisses un commentaire, quel qu'il soit ) ( contre deux boƮtes d'haricots rouges, et une souris morte ) ^^ ... said...


I like that !
Kisses !

julien hakym said...

aiman rashidd, tq very much! :-)
ur sweet too! gud luck 4 dat! pray..

julien hakym said...

Tq very much Rano! u too, hv a nice day.tc

julien hakym said...

Arian Tejano, not yet but later. well tq 4 that idea! tq very much..tq! :-)

julien hakym said...


julien hakym said...

Jason Laucht, tq sooooooooo muchhhhhh!!! :-)

julien hakym said...

Glovey, hope u understand & like it..;-)

julien hakym said...

elexerdelex, wow tq!

julien hakym said...

Sticky Glitter,..wowww love u so much! tq my dear!

julien hakym said...

Jean-Pierre MATTEI, like that like wut?hehehe..tq! :-)

ed said...

cool alter ego, i have a feeling its not the end

julien hakym said...

Ed, wow..u sure feel that strong spirit & emotion.. :-)

Nabila Nadzeri said...

so cool

julien hakym said...

Tq Nabila!