Leo In The Mood

If I have you,
that will be so amazing!

But do you care a tiny?
My world would toss and turn around.

I am the ballad.I am the song.
Pour me your love into my heart.
It won't be too much scratches...

Aren't we matched?
I am a Leo.
But I am not that stronger.
I do have power to control my life.

Look at me.
Believe me.

So much to talk about!


John@CommonLife said...

Philip Glass - the hours was playing while I read it, I got such a cool feeling!

Sy's Prints said...

i like your work. I miss my british sign language classes

apezs shah said...

wow dear that so amazing photo.
how dat be yea?

Matt Neumann said...

Just started following! Look forward to checkin in!

julien hakym said...

Wow..John, It was the best original music score
I had ever listen! & the movie too!

julien hakym said...

Sy's Prints, tq! :-)
u better go train again!

julien hakym said...

apezs shah, I dunno..
miracle I think :-p

julien hakym said...

Matt Neumann, it was a pleasure & honoured 4 an amazing racer like u to add my blog! I am so thrilled! :-)