The Talking Phantom

"Why does the eye see a thing more clearly
in dreams than the imagination when awake?

Leonardo Da Vinci.


JASON said...

those photos were taken at a show room during fashion week so bloggers and press were allowed to take photos :D

meletz gambar2 u

John@CommonLife said...

I love what you said right there! Keep up the amazing work! :)

ErikaToh said...

I couldn't agree more with you, Julien! Keep being yourself and you'll shine more brightly than you could ever possibly shine~ ;)

Btw, your photos are always awesome!

julien hakym said...

Owh now I know Jason!
Tq so much...
meletz lg gamba2 yg u snap!

julien hakym said...

Tq John! Really appreciate dat
u luv to visit my blog everytime!

julien hakym said...

Tq AGAIN Erika..from the bottom of my heart! truly appreciate!