John Galliano Fall 2011 Menswear Collection

Full of passion, a breathe of
fresh snow in Russia with
element of Arabian goes to gym.
I love the whole look, the jacket
and everything goes on. (..and the make-up!)
Galliano, you are so fire!!!

Kill me now!

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Dewi, Her Name said...

it suits your outrageous nature :)

Rano said...

Uhh! Man veery hot... =) Long life Galliano!

Jason Laucht said...

Bebaik jer sayang ;) im not at home so i mostly online via iphone. Susah sket ;)) u good??

ed said...

i think the first one looks best

aiman rashidd said...

look nice , btw mengancam !!

One of the boys. said...

the 5th one is the best