Tonight I will put much effort into it.
But face it,
is it a curse or just whatever?

I ask god to help me.
Still I need HIM.
But why I'm so excited to be perished?

In fashion,
it's a life.
It's a freedom of expression.
Taste the sin & make it happen!

I can survive.
Whenever I'm in Paris
or Tokyo,
I will work it out!
Bonjour! Arigato gozaimaz!

A mannequin. A model.
I supposed!
Stay and watch, freezing
cold enormously.

Paint my heart with glory.
Scare people when
they afraid.
It's the climax
and that is what I enjoy.

2nd day to perish.
What on earth I'm talking about!


Dewi, Nurul and Afiqah said...

i am madly in love

ed said...

creepy, reminds me of marilyn manson

Ellen ♥ said...

These are great and awesome! :) I love the bg song playing while checking your post. :)

julien hakym said...

R u mad Dewi? :-)

julien hakym said...

ED, a'ah!

julien hakym said...

Tq Allen!

MuteMath Fan (& news junkie too!) said...

Great post! So artistic. Thanks for sharing.

Mila said...

Wow really beautiful!

Rano said...

Good monday!
Great pics!

julien hakym said...

MuteMath Fan, tq 4 supporting! :-)
keep on viewing sonnets unrealities!

julien hakym said...

Tq Mila!!

julien hakym said...

Tq Rano!

Sticky Glitter said...

A mix of Marylin Manson, Björk and some parts of Miyavi!!

Great! ;)

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...


julien hakym said...

Sticky Glitter, OMG! tq! :-)

julien hakym said...

Elliot, is it?

aiman rashidd said...

yeahhhh i love black !!

julien hakym said...

Aiman, yeah rock!

Body1 said...

Great post BRO!!!


julien hakym said...

Body1, tq! VERY VERY MUCH! :-)

Jason Laucht said...

DAHSYAT MELETZ!!! tahap dewa dewi!!

julien hakym said...

hehe tq so much tau Jason! :-)

Old 333 said...

Nifty. Thanks for it - looking forward to more.

The song...on its way to overplayed, whatever it is, but makes an undeniably nice background. There's a good animation of Bukowski's Aliens out there to the same tune, which is how I first started hearing it over and over.

Ah, tea.

thanks for the post, monsieur hakym! Enjoyed it.

Peter G.

julien hakym said...

Peter G, so happy that u like it!
thx 4 supporting me! hope
u will come n visit again! :-)

Old 333 said...

@Julian: very welcome. I always like new things to see with my morning coffee! And thank you, for sharing your work out here. Together, we prettify the Internets.


julien hakym said...

Peter G, yeah..In the future, I hope I can make far more better than this one. TQ so much! :-)