The Curse of an Overpowered Toile

I am from
the past,
toile facade
without a
story; a muslin
wrap guards
my skin:  I wait. 

ancient voices
stalk me;
whisper to my
fierce silence:

I listen. 

jolted ridged
in my
canvas flesh,
toile spirits
bind me still:

I stand. 

like scissors
ripping cloth
I surrender
to my darker
I pray. 

ancient voices of
grip my reason. 

from behind a door
they shout,
"joy from yourself!"
"joy to your pleasures!"
"joy for the kingdoms
of the past and now!"
"joy for the curse of
your inner

I awaken. 

the world
mocks the
empty me,
but my
dark light
is birthing
from my lips,
beyond my

I unfold.

the world
has forgotten
but no more: 

I stalk
every doubt,
the creature me,
a needle in
their stiched

I stand. 

giving birth to
my inner self
the light in
my face
is the reason
of  creation:

I emerge. 

you cannot
stand in the
way of creation;
you will not
hold my
future to the
forgotten past:

I become. 

my inner skin
opens in glory:

I am self-contained
in its beauty. 

who, under cover,
reveals the
cloth of self,
but me?

I am

I am
curse of
your fears!

I am
the door
to your
secret desires!


Text by R. Burnett Baker
Special thanks to Sandra Azwan.
Also featured in Life With Sandra.


Dewi, Her Name said...

prince of hearts? i love all of it!!

Jason Laucht said...

wah terhengat kat ju on!! paling kless lampu ikea tersebut yg menghala ke badan yg diselubungi oleh toile. mmg membuatkan bulu romaku berdiri tatkala terkesimah melihat gambar gambar mu itew! lol

crawl to me baby!

Rano said...

I feel THE FEAR!


Words That Move You! Brilliant!

Old 333 said...


ed said...

looks egyptian influenced. nice narrative :]

Tiffany said...

cool shoot, it feels like performance art. your face reminds me of something i can't quite place though in this shoot! really cool!

aiman rashidd said...

greaaat !! love this :) like love on your mouth :D HAHA

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

YOU are the inspiration !

xxxLovexxx H.G.

Lucca Yoga said...


JJRod'z said...

the poem truly made a good stories on the pictures... words carefully picked to move the pics into a story...

i love it...


Paula said...

Bizarre and great picture! I love that.

Bigio said...

This is great! Love your blog!