The Message; 4 NEXT!

F; Fierce
O; Origin
U; Ultra
R; Raven



aiman rashidd said...

so nice dear !!! can i be the next person ? HAHAHHAHA

kidding :) have a nice day !!

Old 333 said...

Fierce Origin Ultra Raven!!! Julien, you just have it goin' on. That was cool. I hope one day you get a big show in New York and just blow them all away.

Jason Laucht said...


nuff said

Sticky Glitter said...

Great! Wanna see more!!! :)

R. Burnett Baker said...

Don't make us wait too long for "next". I dig that short clip...You keep evolving with each creative post! I've got to learn to do something like that!!


Fábio Mariz said...

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Visite o nosso e seja tasmbém um seguidor.


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aiman rashidd said...