Holy September

taste of life
i have regained
my sight

sun beats down
rays of light
life's sound

speak to me
vibrant hue shift
no worries

thoughts of past
deep sleep unrest
never last

it never stops
inside my head
dream drop

essence of being
i now realize
cold unseething

my shell spins
now the change
will begin

plan under wraps
let it go
no relapse

dead fall momentum
you and i
share sentiments

can you see
i am free
conscious holy


R. Burnett Baker said...

"thoughts of past
deep sleep unrest
never last"

Another well constructed art piece of imagination. There is a pulling and pushing of thought interwoven between the poetry, images, and music. It's too cliche' to invoke the "yin/yang" concept but it, too, is here, especially in the lines above! Love it!


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Finally ur back... :-)


Dewi, Her Name said...

when i first looked at the teaser, the word Pharaoh came into my mind but how you blend the eastern influence into this macabre sense of grandeur really gets me.

The lines are simple and deeply meaningful, almost melancholic. Another superbly done art by you Julien Hakym :)

garde said...

strange pictures...but beautful too.


ed said...

eccentric headwear but looks good

Tiffany said...

i love your shoot, as always! these pictures are so phychedelic and that last one reminds me of "rebirth", like you're coming out of a cocoon! lovely!

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Nacho Uve said...

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Odah + One = OdahOne said...

nice pic encik julian...

Jason Laucht said...

melets! mcm lady gaga! :P

Paola Dal Lago said...

wahhh *.* :)

VerĂ³nica † said...

Oh my god Julien, this is amazing.
I'm declare u FAN.
Congratulations for the post *.*

Old 333 said...

Just too cool for anything descriptive. the hats, the hats.