In a haze,
Blurry daze,
Words that contains me,
Atmosphere that hounded me,
Into a maze, a realm, unknown and magnetos

Drive me into my dungeon,
With kisses of textures,
Wrapping, draping incessantly,
Around me, all over me,

The skies are endless,
The air too easy to breath,
Yet I chose to lie against these sheets,
Forever engulfed in the caresses of satins,

Ah, I stir restlessly,
The world faded little by little,
Inch by inch I am enamored, 
Beguiled and tainted,

I’ll be gone,
Sliding into the neverland with my paramours,

Stilled in my cocoon,
Ah, such adoration to understand
Goodbye cold air and warm breeze,
Sunshine and rainy days,
Seasons and monsoons, 
Goodbye humanity,

I felt it! How they want me!,
My lullabies, darlings and nightingales,
Fear not, myself to be yours truly,
Drown me! Bear me down to the infinite!

We shall bear together the fruits of our aroha,
In horror design with incomprehensible lust,
See us two, three or four,
But be known that this is us,

Slaved, prisoner, servants,
I am owned,
I have masters,
With this oath I adorned,
The Sacrifice,


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

You and Dewi made it... WOW!


ed said...

i like the last shot, really gives it perspective

Daniel Román said...

debo ser honesto esta post no me ha gustado, pero te mando saludos, exito