Hear that bang,
The noise inside your chest,
Feel that reckless anticipation,
For reasons that you cannot fathom,

See it coming,
In awed you shall witness,
For I shall walk in beauty,
Dark and light,
Black and white,


Ahh~ Hear me sigh,
My birth into your fallacious mind,
Where do you go now?
Run and hide perhaps?

A step forward you cannot take,
Your eyes swirling in a frantic frenzy,
Was it the light? again you asked,
Or will it be forever black?

Where can you go now?
For I enveloped your senses,
Conquered your mind,
Padlocked your soul,
And your heart?

It is MINE

Hurry and embrace me,
Love me as well,
Within devotion I shall thrive,
Or else inside my emblazoned wrath,
You shall perish,

Ah, come now!
Stop hesitating,
In this grotesquerie
You will finally rest in peace,
Without air you will breathe easy,

in silence,
I have torn everything from you
Flesh, mind and soul,

In silence,
You surrendered,
Your freedom I took,

In silence,
Crumbling into pieces,
You became nothing,

I become anew,
I took everything that you knew,
In a quiet deceit,
For I am A C I D

Story by Dewi
  Sign by Schwimmer


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

wonderful Julien... and nice words Dewi! Love it!..


konshonchloe said...

great blog friend! thanku for follow me !!!

R. Burnett Baker said...

Excellent! I have my own interpretation of these images and words. It's interesting to me that your eyes are covered in every photo, as if being blinded by promises of beauty and openings of the mind. The last four stanzas are the mocking words of reality that the ACID speaks after it's too too late.

For me, I saw this kind of effect that LSD had on a few of my so-called "brilliant" friends, and they were never able to really "see" truth again. Thank goodness I never fell prey to that "quiet deceit" of ACID. This may not have been your vision of the work, but it still has validity!


Shauna said...

an amazing strong poem - the words
and the quality of each line is

Shauna said...

your photographs are exquisite,
artful, unique -speak volumes.

ed said...

i really like the 3rd pic, very introspective. nicely done!

Rano said...

Have a nice dai my dear!

Charleston said...