you & your dancing silhouette,
a simple splendiferous,
catching shadows,
with the thrust of your rhythms,
eyes staring daggers,
playful in your seduction

yes, to me you will make your way,
come, I have something to show you,
this will enamor you,
lure you into a dream,
like one you never been before,

I watched you stalked,
with a motion so slow,
you hunt for your prize,
now take your universe with you,
observe and dance with it,

you can smell the taste,
taste the color,
see the notion it gave to you,
you can hear it calling,
a temptress is preaching,

your movement slowed,
your body numbed,
for once you are enchanted,
the world around you disappear,
your lips, so close together,
a taste you long so much,
yet you hesitate

dance again, to make your mind,
asking in raving mad twirls,
to the world, which you neglect,
and your answers is as loud as the silence,
while the pounding in your head won't stop,

devour me, it says,
into your ears it whispered,
into your soul it reaches,
mad with enthrallment,
you said I will..

a beauty other than your own revolts you,
"I'll show you a thing..
so beautiful & grandeur"

you heard these whispers,
your pride had it coming,

oh the taste of forbidden,
once touched, a lips or two,
no light shall ever touch
you again...

a fantasy by dewi

  winter by tesla coil


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Nice pictures again Julien and wonderful words Dewi!

Love it!


Tiffany said...

this could be like my favorite photoshoot! i love the colors and the texture of the pictures. the fruit also make a wonderful contrast. lovely!

R. Burnett Baker said...

Excellent photos! The words are perfectly interwoven with the photos to tell any number of stories...

ed said...

very vibrant, last one feels a bit out of place though

Sara Alwan said...

Wow adorable pictures i love it!!

Paola Dal Lago said...

i'm wondering how you do all these effects, really really well done!!