La Faune

in darkness there shines 
moon and stars, 
tree and leaf, 
petal and flower - a man 
translucent with a forest glow

on colors subtle with 
winged-skin spread
flights of fancy shade the sky
as he gathers light 
from darkness 
to dawn. 

free and alive 
his voice is silent 
but for the fauna canopy 
rustled by wings 
of mottled imagination. 

along life's path 
this man in nature's image 
sings chameleon songs, 
music woven through lyrics 
of leaf and branch, 
shadow and twig, 
a melodic dance of left, right, 
here and gone. 

man and la faune, 
gather one to another, 
nature to heart, 
with eyes watching - 

watching creatures and flora 
and YOU. 

nature's child, 
both free and possessed, 
explodes with joy in  
high noon hues! 

    hat by sandra azwan

go now! 
walk the forest. 
hear tree and leaf, 
petal and flower.
under moon and stars 
watch for nature's child 
translucent with a forest glow, 

and know -
he is YOU
-l'homme, la faune et la flore!


shineeshimizu said...


Dewi, Her Name said...

I felt dizzy, as if I'm going through a swirling maze. Great text, deep and enchanting! :)

Sandra Azwan said...


Rano said...

Have a nice day my dear! Great pics!


so intresting art!!!!

Super - Nachkatze - 80 said...

Hallo !!!

Ich habe Habe mich in deinem Blog einmal umgeschaut.

Und ich finde du hast einen sehr schönen Blog, Nein ehrlich ich finde ihn Wunderschön.

Und deshalb bin ich jetzt auch Leser bei dir geworden.

Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du auch bei meinem Blog einmal vorbei schauen würdest.

Ich würde mich auch freuen wenn du dann Leser bei mir würdest.

Alles gute !!!

Und Viele Liebe Grüße aus Mönchengladbach !!!


Becca An said...

nice blog:)

ed said...

im impressed, this one looks really good. especially the 4th and 5th one

naomuack said...

amazing works !!!!!!!!

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whatisfashion said...

wow... I can't tell how I feel.
You are amazing.

please, take a look to my photographic work and follow me if you like it :)

Paola Dal Lago said...

the first and last pics are the one that.. WAHHHH!!:) great ones, in particular the one in red it's like a painting /and yes, it's a compliment :):)/

Charleston said...

very artistic