F i S h

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh,
The ocean smashed,
Against the sea-caves walls,
There you saw me,
Bare, revealed to you,
Your breath hitched,
“What is this monstrosity?” 

The first that you feel,
You scoured for libretto,
Despite my parsimonious echo,
So I would behest,
Against your spiel,

Aeons ago,
I was submerged,
Deep under by my maker,
I remember,
Writhing in agony,
Into a critter I morphed,

I despised my master,
The Grandiose,
Spiteful revenge followed through,
I shall wreck and carve,
The Deep Blue realm,
With clamored dominion,
The realm is mine,

In the midst of pandemonium,
The Angelicas appeased it pleas,

“This is odious!
How you foraged,
The evernity of peace!”

“There will be retribution
Our maker The Grandiose,
Will pour into you with his wrath!”

I looked down,
Heh, The Angelicas!
Severed fins!
Scattered flesh!
They will be!

None will loom over me,
Tell that to the so-called Grandiose,
Announce! For I have no fear to spare!

What wrath will befall me?
I am the new GRANDIOSE,
Only crowns and jewels will dress me,
Plethora of scions,
My very own legion,


“The critter did not listen to us master!”

The Angelicas bemoan,

“Punish, punish, punish” They chanted,

“A curse shall fall” And in unison they sentenced

The sea-beds rumbles,
The waves clashing,
Chaos, rage,
Gnashing teeth of destruction,
Clamored, the execution begins,
The Deep Blue is fallen with curse

There I was,
Here I am,
To you creature,
I am simply,


a beautiful story by beautiful dewi
wardrobe sandra azwan


03 Aquarium


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

As expected this is another good post... And nice words too Dewi!..


Shauna said...

your photographs are amazing and
your mind is wild and amazing to
come up with such concepts.

brava on your blog.

Michelle Reis said...

Love it!
you are very creative...
I follow your blog

garde said...

very cool pics...
see you in my blog


TES said...

You did it again...greate post!!!


Peter Greene said...

As always amazing. Your work is a real pleasure.