The Hours

Singlet Topman
Hat Uniqlo

It all happens yesterday.
I need my cigarettes to think.

and a drink.
what is all about?
The earth hours are calling.

It's like a love of nature.
You love god so much
that you want to be part of the show.

Look at me if you notice...
I am the guy who dress so weird,
eccentric kinda, toil & all that 'stuff'.
Well, I'm so good at it!

and I'm so good at posing
like freaky, crazy a bit?

Leather Jacket Sandra Azwan

switch off the light.
listen to the sound of mother nature sings.
light the lighter and enjoy.

Jacket Zara

Happy Earth Hour.
Save the planet.
Lights always with you
when you're alone,
or in a darkest places.

another propaganda,


Sara Alwan said...

Nice pictures!
Hope you had a nice weekend :)

garde said...

you look very beautiful in the first two pics.
i have no words...