Soul to soul a kiss 
of color,

an open arm
to dance with me. 

These portal eyes
seduce with thunder,
beneath this hair, 
a tangerine tree! 

Psychedelic rhythm
spells the meaning
of body and movement-
of colors that fly - 

Of painting a vision
to naked abandon,
searching and singing
to Marmalade Skies!

Text by Rick Burnett Baker
Leather Jacket by Sandra Azwan
  weird music2 by CUBE MUSIC


Dewi, Her Name said...

Mad intensity and love the way the fabric flowed freely.
Different and upbeat this one :)

Nacho Uve said...

Incredible photos, I love! ;)


Tiffany said...

I love the red shade in the pictures! it really makes a difference!

Anonymous said...

finally i can comment this post!!:) i love the contrast with red!! and the pics with the red veil..wah!!:)