The Other Rosa

Made into perfection,
The slender truth of beauty,
The unrecognizable splendor,
The creation create,
Another from red,
Another from nothing,

Like the swaying of the pendulum,
We are no easy dimension,
Neither do we rest into the world,
Slumber did not exist for us,
The right and the left of us,
Craves, lusting after life,

Rumination is up for hold,
We strolled by the windy lane,
A stringent of gullible creatures,
Crooning lullabies,

Here, near, closer,
Fear should be nonexistent,
We convinced them,
Uttered the sweetest of words,
Are they not ours?

Yes they are now,

We are aroused upon the nature,
The open beauty,
Everything speaks to us,
Everything bows to us,
I am red,
We are unknown,
I am the other Rosa,

Story/Text Dewi

  Lakmé (Act I): Flower Duet by EMIClassicsUS


R. Burnett Baker said...

This is filled with magic and mystery! Dewi's poetry perfectly describes each expression, and each expression writes her words... Excellent!

Tiffany said...

Beautiful colors, and the smile adds a nice softness. the last pic is my favorite :)

Pablo Parra (Fungi) said...

It's magical! Each expression, the light, the composition! Very good job! Looks like a photoshoot from an editorial, congrats!

Y además sombreros said...

Que fotos tan artísticas y bonitas.

JorgeSacristan said...

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Silvialicious said...

heyyy i like your blog! it's really great :D
i'll follow you!
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LOLA FINN said...

Oh wooooow!!! It´s so thrilling!!! I love this photos! Very amazing!! :)

Iván said...

Lovely pics !!
I follow you now !


Anonymous said...

i prefer this one than the black and white version :) it seems a mix between nature, animals and of course humans. Powerful!

Shauna said...

'Everything speaks to us, every thing bows to us'
Your blog is beyond the pale,
into the deepness of a soul
on the cliff.