I am borne on
points of thought,
of fear,
of desire,
or lust for

I'm anointed by
beacons of creation,
tethered to my cravings
of me-
of you. 

but see me as you wish,
and I'll wear that vision

as my crown. 

searching searching
wall and blue heavens,
face to face with
my being, I hear
voices shout your

touching touching
my own flesh hiding
from your angers, I turn
inward to the angst of
my desires and
seething breath

in one moment of
stolen indiscretion,
a forbidden
burning lust
stings you
eye to eye: 

and from the
c o s m o g o n y of my
soul I conduct you
like a symphony to
play my life without
leathered shame.

from skin to skin
into your loined brain
secret sexing is how
you hide what isn't
bound by your corseted

there is no
shame in this
shimmer and glamor,
the god of my soul,
as you imagine
the pleasures
below my
neck-bite lips:

I am creation:
I've tasted your

and felt the rush of
guilty selfishness:

I've swallowed your image


Dewi, Her Name said...

LOVE it!
My favorite Picture 3 4 5 6 7 9!

Sticky Glitter said...

Love the mask!!! And the expression in the last photo!!!GREAT! :D

shineeshimizu said...

so fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 luv it

Victoria Scarlet said...

oh my god! this is so gorgeous! love all your photos! *__* And header is so amazing! mrrr! you're beautiful! :]

j. said...

love the head mask. so unique and original

thanks for the visit

Much Love ♡

+ Jess +

Jason Laucht said...

the mask ones are great.

Tiffany said...

i really like the first set of pictures! i love the geometry, they are really architectural!

ed said...

last smile looks evil. nice work!

Jj Rodriguez said...

Oh Rick Burnett Baker, you must be given credit for making this pictures amazing...


Paola Dal Lago said...

so, from these pics you choose the one to change header and so on.. good ones!! i like them!! I'm sorry that I don't know soooooo many english words and i feel like i'm repeating always the same things, luckly, instead, you aren't: you have always new posts and new ideas.. you're one of the best inspirations in the web!!