The morning has come 
In this black and white of a world 
I vowed to reform
I shall paint the world
With blue lagoon, red blood, yellow sunflower
Brown soil and all of the colors
That Is mine

Ah yes,

The domination had begun
My marionettes dances
My colors destroys all that is grey
But myself is still this,
Homochromatic ruler
What else?
I asked of myself

Come, my exquisite marionettes

Dance around me
Witness my rebirth into this world
Ah, the blue mirage
It consumed me

The marionettes stand before me

Gleeful smiles on their faces
“Our master have reborn”
With enticing sensual red
I arrived

Thus, I created and created

Beauty and fascination
Splendid Extravagance
Yes, a new world I have created

Let’s go black again

Let’s remind them of their ruler
The supremacy of splendors
The earth is conquered 

No need for humility

I am enshrined within these colors
Worship me, for I will bestow upon you
The magnificent 

I shall not stop creating

I shall not stop
Until the universe is mine

Fashion Illustration 'Life With Sandra' by Sandra Azwan
Lullaby by Dewi


Jason Laucht said...

utterly class

CommonLife said...

I looooove the 2nd pic! So fantastic! :)

Old 333 said...

Fzow. You make neat things, in all senses of the word. Thanks for these....

Like the new music too. Yours is the only place autoplay is allowed.

Paola Dal Lago said...

well, i didn't know was possible you could still improve yourself ;) eh eh, i crazily love the fact you did drawings in the pics: usually it seems pretty childish, in your way it's simply great!!

R. Burnett Baker said...

Nice! The music really ties this all together! Dynamic and alive!


Rano said...

Have a nice sunday!

ed said...

love the cartoonish aspect of it

Groupdmt said...

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Tiffany said...

i love this photoshoot! how you added color and the cartoonish details...wonderful!

yoli said...

nice pics

H A R R Y G O A Z said...


Have a super weekend, Julien.

Sending you mountains of white light and love.