The Count

                            Gold and brazen,
                            Here i, exists purely as i,
                            My wings of inferno and Elysium,
                             Purging you of your guiltless ways,
                             The truth nor the lies,
                            i am empyrean.

                     Away and away you tried,
                     For deliverance you hide,
                    Yet here you are,
                     Preyed upon, haunted,
                       Touch me pet, feel my colours,
                     Embrace me!

                       i am gales, i am sanctuary,
                     i am duae,
                          As i will soon envelopes your being,
                      For i am The Count,
                    The conqueror.

                  duae; number two in latin
                  Poem by Dewi Joko



1 comment:

Aul Howler said...

amazing artwork as usual kak!

loving the ghostly-weirdly feeling