I doubt that you understand,
               The kind of confinement,
               That I brought unto you,
               Pure heaven, eternal bliss,
               Of oblivion and forsaken alma,
               A merry, merry dream,

                  These hallways and its secrets,
                    Subsumed our hereafters,
                    Whispers colliding, Gleefully chaotic,

                    I am affected, I am infected,

                    These Azul and Rojo,
               They eluded me,
               I consigned, mi vida,
               The El dos, I listened,
               Oh, hush now,

               They are whispering,

               On all four, I kneel,
               La neblina, I cannot see,
               The dots are connecting,
               And yet dis parting,

                My, my, how far have I fallen,

.                And all the verde,
               Surrounds me as I wonder,
               En trampa?
               Myself, my sanity,
               As the hushed tones of the El dos
               Seeped through me,
               I am done for

               Un beso,
               The El dos conspired,
              Seducing me,
               To embrace, to be whole,
              To do as they please,
               To be rule by their injunction,

                Rosado y Rojo,
               And I never knew,
               How delightful it is,
               To turn oneself,
               Into nothing, joining the bleak,

               To thrive in complete abberation,

               The vortex of nothingness,
                   We have arrived,
                   El negro y blanco,
                  Finally we are one
                 The lust in the midst of delirium,
                 El Amor,

               As the scene unfolded,
               La sangre!
               Painted me in  Rojo,
               Ruined, terminar, 

                 El negro y blanco,
                        Corruption and abomination,
                        Stay your hand,
                        Make not a sound,
                        Home, you are now,

                     Far and far from the seams of time,
                     The darkness watch and sharpened,
                      Its edge and the misting hollow,
                       Hear the end, feel the end,
                        As it envelopes you,

                       El negro,

               They say purity,
                    Is a matter of the heart,
                    What a laugh that is,
                    For purity is a blinding oblivion,
                    Insanity, Pure calamity,

               The blanco has spoken,

                             Their colors, spiralling towards,              
                          An impending doom,
                         Their particles, destroyed,
                        They will never know again,
                         A life beyond these confinement,
                     A dark liquid madness will drive them

                     Blind them! Blind them! Blind them! 

                   As they huddled together,
                    Enamored Los amantes,
               To their feet, to their knees,
               Succumbed, enraptured,

               Pleased and to please,

                El dos, El negro y Blanco,
                What say you?
                The campaign commenced,
               Whose mind will you destroy?
               Whose Sangre will you spill?

                My lord, Pyscho.

               Story By Dewi
               Photograph By Rick Burnett Baker
               Edited By Julien Hakym

               taken at Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.




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Aul Howler said...

musik sama art photo dan suasana nya luar biasa unordinary

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