The Fashionable Mr. Meow Meow

To start, I choose to be an animal.
Hate to say but it feels so good.
Now I have no fear to my senses and smell.
Yes I'm smells good!

Shirt Zara

Nightmares and animal.
It doesn't compare at all.
I feel energetic and erotic
to this kind of vibe.

Why cute is not my type?
Well fierce is my type of coffee.
I don't give a damn to be like
a person, or something that is unnatural.
It's like a disease. Unhealthy but I am fashion's

Shirt Topman
Underwear Hush Puppies

Let it all free,
your mind, body and soul.
Give them a wine of 'immense',
a wide range of sensibility.

Hat Goorin Brothers

I'm writing my own drama.
That is why I'm here.


shineeshimizu said...


KARNOSKI said...

I love this outfit and this new black blog! :D
thank you for your last comment (:
take a look of my last post if you care (:

R. Burnett Baker said...

"...I am fashion's fruit." Absolutely! Who needs runway prancers when you can see the show over and over again with your art? And the music to this piece is like the just perfect wine at dinner!

Fun, Julien!


Sticky Glitter said...

First of all: black blog = love it!

Second: are talented! Love the outfit and the general vibe of the post! Thumbs..oh well...paws up! ;)

Victoria Scarlet said...

meooow! you're very gorgeous! *__* like your look!

Anonymous said...

omg , kalau betul hiduo Mr Meow nih , mesti ramai admire :D HAHAHA

have a nice day :)

Maximiliano said...

me encantas, en verdad!

ErikaToh said...

Damn, your new header + music just gave me a good fright, Julien!! >.<"

But, that's one freaking awesome header and post lar!!!

It's so epic, so original! Love it much!! Keep up the extravagant work, Julien!! You're good!!^^

Dewi, Her Name said...

I love the second last. The Cheshire cat came to mind and that boyish feline look is getting to me :DD

Tiffany said...

awesome editorial! love tha cat theme, so fierce!

Verónica † said...

ur pics, ur music, it's unbelievable...

SC said...

Dramaaa! love it

The Cat Hag said...

You look fabulous, love the cat makeup! ;)

The Cat Hag

KAIWONG said...

you are ART


Catarina Marquês said...

Love it! Sooo artistic! :)